Portfolio – 3D Modelling and Artwork

This is my portfolio of work that I have produced throughout the year and last year during my personal time. Below you will find included art pieces and concepts that I have created for either college projects or for my own personal improvement, as well as Zbrush sculpts and 3D models. The majority of the content within my portfolio has been created using industry standard software such as: Maya, Zbrush, 3D Coat, Photoshop and Unreal Engine; Other piece have been created traditionally on paper.

Work Produced This Year:

Protagonist T-Pose Concepts:

Above I have included an image of some t-pose sketches that I had created for our modelers to use.

Here is a Peasant Farmer that I created after watching a step-by-step process grey scale painting video from illustrator and concept artist Dave Greco. Whiles Dave worked on doing a portrait in his video, I decided to attempt doing a full body paint. Working on this paint has helped to educate me on working from using solid colour rather than wasting time drawing and using construction lines in your painting process. From Watching Dave I have also gathered knowledge of

A series of Medieval House/Witch Hut sketches that I was inspired to create after doing research into concept artists Den Maruo and Malik Sigrist. Through doing this sketch sheet I learnt how to work more with dynamic shapes in order to create an interesting stylised design.

Work Produced Last Year:

Room Render Video:

Links for Room assets: 

Carpet on Sketchfab 

Table 1 Sketchfab 

Table 2 Sketchfab 

Open book Sketchfab 

Candle Sketchfab 


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